A bit about me – I am a coffee loving, chocolate eating, story loving kind of gal. If you don’t like coffee I guess we can still be friends. But if you don’t like coffee AND chocolate… well, that’s okay too, as long as I can have all your chocolate! 😛

Books have been a part of my life from as early as I can remember. From childhood trips to the library to borrowing Janette Oke books from my Grandma’s library as a pre-teen. I was fortunate to have a sister who also loved to read and through my teen years she kept me well stocked in the latest Lori Wick or Dee Henderson books. As I got older, I finally delved into the Jane Austen world and fell in love with her writing as so many others have before me.  I am always looking for new authors to read and it would be impossible for me to pick a favourite, but as long as the book has a fast moving plot and believable characters/story, we are likely a good match. Well, provided the book isn’t dark or gory… I’m more of the sappy romantic type of reader.

Besides reading, I enjoy spending time with my family and many nieces and nephews. I remember dreaming of the day I would be an Aunt and let me tell you it has not disappointed! These kids (and their parents) have been loyal supporters (and test subjects) for my Benji the Bunny books.

If you would like to know more about my writing, hop over to the My Writing Journey page.  I would love to connect with you over instagram or twitter as well!